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Monday, March 14, 2011

Navagamuwa Devalaya - Navagamuwa Temple Sri Lanka

Here is a change to the long list of me blogging on the lovely birds and creatures that bless my backyard. I managed to drop in to an ancient Temple cum Devalaya named Navagamuwa Temple / Devalaya. The myth says that Goddess Paththini, upon arriving from India sailed up stream the Kalani River and landed near this Devalaya (Shrine) and used as a resting place. Please correct me if I am wrong as I got this information from a person at the location. Goddess Paththini is worshiped by many Sri Lankans and Hindu's for purerity and health.

Click here for more information on Goddess Paththini (Pattini)

The sorrounding of the ancient devalaya was indeed serene. It was covered with a Na (Click) Forest {(Ceylon ironwood tree) India - Naga Tree} and you feel the calmness though the place is packed with Hundrads of devotees. The location also contains a Buddhist Temple with the Bo (Click) tree being cordened by a Golden Fence.

Following are some of the pics I took of the architecture of the location... The Massive crowd did not make it easy for me to get pics of the Devalaya itself.

The Entrance to the Shrine

The roof of the shrine still stands firm, built accordance to 1500 A.D. architecture

Shrine built for God Vishnu - this is on one side of the main shrine of Goddess Pattini

The Na Forest sorrounding the Shrine brings in a clamness and a Serene feeling to an individual

The Pagoda of the buddhist temple through the Na Branches is below

The Bo tree with the gloden fence indeed is a Beauty

Have More pics of my favourit Backyard Birds - this time, a small trip to the nearby Attidiya Bird Sactuary. Will upload soon.

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