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Thursday, April 22, 2010

A day at the Zoo !!

The Colombo Zoological gardens, more known as the Dehiwela Zoo as it is situated in the out skirts of Colombo in Dehiwela, was once ranked the best Zoo in Asia. This was mainly due to the area spread and the variety of Animals that was resident in the Zoo. Though we cannot much brag about the area spread and the facilities today, it indeed has a variety of Animals from all parts of the world and indeed is quite educational if a person is really interested in knowing about the animals and their behaviours. However, it is kind of sad that most people who visit the Zoo today has made it a trip to have fun and some times to make Animals of them selves, there are still enough and more animal lovers who see the beauty and the educational value of the location. Here are some of the pics of what I saw through the lens.Click here to check out the White tigers at the zoo.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Moment with the White Tigers

Recently, the Colombo Zoological gardens brought in a pair of White Tigers from China. With a very few left in the world today and needing our care to preserve them for the benefit of our future generations, they seemed to be enjoying them selves to the maximum. They are still quite young and have been bred in the China zoo prior to making the Colombo Zoo their permanent residence. following are a few moments that was captured with the greatest difficulty.