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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

More Birds of Sri Lanka

Wow !! Now I have almost found 10 - 12 different varieties of birds in my back yard. Please check the blog archive and you will see the rest of these beautiful birds. Today, I have a few more pictures of birds from backyard. You can click on the images to view larger images.
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The Common Woodpecker - A bit rare, but got the fellow this time around - Kottoruwa as we call it !

The Fish tailed bird - Wehi Lihiniya as we call them officially called the White Bellied Drongo

This is the common Maina or Salalihiniya as they call it - pretty one!

I don't know why they call it Demalichcha, but a type of an ash coloured bird with a Yellow beak ! - Called the Yellow Beaked Blabber !

The gorgeous Parrot - More pics on following blogs - please click and visit them !

Lot of small birds - have lot of them in the backyard nesting.

White Rumped Munia - Wee Kurulla - Cute sight !

The common Wee Kurulla or Gey Kurulla - cute !
Again a type of a Magpie - The Magpie Robbin - Polkichcha !

Type of a moth - not a butterfly for sure - but cute !

About to fly off !

Oh - and who can forget the cute Squirrels !

The Common Koha - Cocoo Bird - usually known to be around during April Singhala Avurudu season

Monday, August 16, 2010

Yellow Bird from Sri Lanka Rain Forest

The Yellow Bird Known as the Black Hooded Oriole is seen in South East Asia from India, Sri Lanka to Indonesia. Indeed a cute sight !!! As for me, I get them visiting my back yard often. Here are some pics of the Yellow Bird and a few others that visits my back yard often.

These are more pics that were taken from Backyard - Click Here for more pics