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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

More Birds of Sri Lanka

Wow !! Now I have almost found 10 - 12 different varieties of birds in my back yard. Please check the blog archive and you will see the rest of these beautiful birds. Today, I have a few more pictures of birds from backyard. You can click on the images to view larger images.
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The Common Woodpecker - A bit rare, but got the fellow this time around - Kottoruwa as we call it !

The Fish tailed bird - Wehi Lihiniya as we call them officially called the White Bellied Drongo

This is the common Maina or Salalihiniya as they call it - pretty one!

I don't know why they call it Demalichcha, but a type of an ash coloured bird with a Yellow beak ! - Called the Yellow Beaked Blabber !

The gorgeous Parrot - More pics on following blogs - please click and visit them !

Lot of small birds - have lot of them in the backyard nesting.

White Rumped Munia - Wee Kurulla - Cute sight !

The common Wee Kurulla or Gey Kurulla - cute !
Again a type of a Magpie - The Magpie Robbin - Polkichcha !

Type of a moth - not a butterfly for sure - but cute !

About to fly off !

Oh - and who can forget the cute Squirrels !

The Common Koha - Cocoo Bird - usually known to be around during April Singhala Avurudu season