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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Birds and Fish - Nature Park Pics !

Birds and few Marine pics that were taken at the park in Kelaniya. I recommend you visiting this private zoo just a few kilometers on Kelaniya - Kaduwela Road. Awesome marine life and avian life. has a collection of some gorgeous creatures that are hard to see in this part of the world. All these photographs were captured from a N95 camera Phone ! Enjoy and click on image for larger versions !!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sun Rise over Adam's Peak !

16th of March 2010, I managed to capture one of the most magnificent moments of the Sun Rise one could experience in Sri Lanka. The Sun rose from behind the sacred Siri Pada (Adam's Peak) and indeed was a spectacle. Sorry about the quality of certain pictures as I had to zoom the camera to the maximum possible. 

Ideally, twice a year, those who live in the west coast of Sri Lanka from Wattala to Kaluthara have the opportunity to see the sun rise, from right behind the Sacred Sri Pada or Adam's Peak as they call in English. However, due to weather conditions experienced in Sri Lanka, the lucky bunch to experience this spectacle would be those who live in the main city of Colombo, up to around Moratuwa, starting February to Late March, again depending on the cloud cover experienced during the period mentioned. Hence, this has become a spectacle and a rare sight. I managed to capture this moment (Please Click) with the greatest difficulty in 2011 as there was a massive cloud cover during the period of the spectacle occurs.

I am not sure how the experience is for those who live in the east coast with the sunset, however, those living in Colombo to Moratuwa, keep watch if you can see the Sri Pada for the movement of the sun. I know for a fact that in Mt. Lavinia it is on 16th and 17th march with visibility at end of Ratmalana Airport runway from Galle Road would be around the 19th or 20th March of each year. Please do let me know of any location you see Sri pada from and I would be able to assist you on giving the dates and time of sun rise (Usually, after 6.15 a.m.)

The following Pic was taken beginning of March

Then the direction of the sun rise shifted north on a daily basis.

Until this day of 14th March when a mountain range began to show up

Then on the 16th the absolute spectacle occurred.......

And then the sun rose up to the sky......... 

Do not miss the opportunity to watch this spectacle if you have it !!

Monday, March 15, 2010

At the Beach !

Beaches of Sri Lanka are among the best rated in the world. The following is only a glimpse of what I got in Mt. Lavinia.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Through a Rubber Plantation

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Rubber Plantations in Sri Lanka takes you to a whole new dimension of man made beauty to the nature. Driving along for miles and miles through rubber plantations gives such a relaxed feeling and a different perspective of calmness that one must enjoy for sure.Such is the soothing feeling they offer.