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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Birds of Sri Lanka Attidiya Marsh

OK.... Another day another Trip to the Bird Sanctuary of Attidiya. This was more towards the end of the Birds season where you hardly find any migratory birds at the site. However, the sanctuary was full of birds that are found in Sri Lanka throughout the year. 

As you enter, many blooming red lotus flowers greet you.

The Less spoken of Boralesgamuwa Lake or Wewa is indeed a gorgeous scene

Many a Flora around

With Insects 

And the bigger ones as the Water Monitors...

Then you get to the birds - this is the Gira Maliththa a greenish bird with a long red beak 

Flying Storks

 And Flying Kithala's or White breasted Waterhen,Pheasant Tailed

The Largest Kingfisher on Earth !

 Harmony of Nature

Then the Purple Heron About to take off on a flight 

Some Butterflies

The infamous Kurulu Goya or Gurulu Goya that eats smaller Birds !

Some Flying Ducks

Hanging Bats

More Butterflies

Some Brahmian Kytes - Brahmana Ukussa

More Hanging Bats

And last but not least - the Ati Kukula

But, unfortunately, there was a nemesis too - the Ratmalana Air force base is adjoining the bird sanctuary and the following planes were basically ruining their habitat :( 

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