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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Harmony in Nature !

More pics that I managed to capture over the last few weeks. Got many pics, but, due to the low clarity, could share only a few. Some of the pics I share below are also not much of good quality due to distance to the object. this is where I really wish I had a better camera - but I've done the best I could do with a 2003 model Fuji S 5000 :) !

Enjoy ! Leave comments and please visit often.... 

Monday, November 1, 2010

The long tail fly catcher bird, woodpecker and many more birds

OK - These are more pics from the backyard where you tend to see an amazing number of birds. It's just that we tend to not take notice of them - next time, remember to look around when you stare at the garden and you will see plenty of these beautiful creatures. do not forget to have a few bird baths around and feed them with some fruits or grain that you find in the house. Some of the pics were really hard to get, hence, the quality is low - sorry about it (As in the case of the woodpeckers - one of the hardest to photograph)

The woodpecker from faraway - also called the black tailed or black rumped flame back
Ants - well, thought that they could share the blog with the birds

Crane - Koka as we call
OK - this fellow could not be left out too
The long tailed fly catcher or Sivuru Hora as they call it over here..
The Yellow bird or the Black hooded oriole - Kaha Kurulla in Singhala
Two lovers - Konda Kurulla's as we call them here and named Vented Bulbul (what a name) in other parts of the world I guess :)!
The common Parrot

Oh Ya - couldn't leave this one out either...

Peeping in to other peoples gardens !!
Again - tough ones - these fellows keep moving every second and a real tough pic to take - will not give up until I get a good pic... so keep tuned in !

Beauty of Flora and Fauna from Rain Forests

Some new pics I got after sometime. These again are from the backyards - I mean, it is all those flora and fauna that grow in the wild we tend to pay money and get from the plant shop to have in our gardens right ?