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Friday, January 15, 2010

Partial Eclpis as spotted in Sri Lanka !

OK - this is something that never should be done. But, then again it's me the Dare Devil. However, the moon is not at all visible though the pic was taken with minimum Shutter speed.


Here is the beauty through floppy disk sheet - Yep, Managed to find a floppy with a greatest difficulty. 


Closer !

This was the maximum it reached in Colombo.


Another Variation, with lower Shutter speed


This is towards the end - tough to get the pic. 


I did not plan for this, but it sure looks out of space - doesn't it ?

Friday, January 8, 2010

31st Night in Mt. Lavinia !

As the year 2010 came in to existence, there was an awesome firework display at the Mt. Lavinia Hotel. Some of the pics I captured follows.





Formation of figures - A Dragonfly ?


Dragon ?



 Someone did not forget to show us the finger !!









Was wondering whether it shows a human figure out there !!!


 Glad I was not high or would have shouted GHOST !!