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Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Attidiya Marsh Sri Lanka !

The Attidiya Marsh is more famous as a bird sanctuary and is a heaven to 30 + different types of birds. I managed to visit the marsh during the past weekend and did manage to capture a few pics of Birds and also the beauty of the sorrunding area. In this perticular blog, I would post the photographs of the sorroundings. Will follow this with the photographs of the Birds soon. So please keep a tag and visit to see the amazing pics of the birds.

The Marsh has a stream running right through it connected to a small lake.

Plenty of Birds nest along side the banks of the stream.

You pass a Bo tree as you go deeper in to the marsh

And of course there are Places of Worship along the way.

If you can reach the Marsh early enough, you would see the gorgeous Sun Rise and this time around, we were lucky the Sun Rose from Behind the sacred Siri Pada or Adam's peak. (For more pics on a sequence of Sun Rise from Behind Siri Pada, Click Here )

Plenty of Flora around including gorgeous Lotus Flowers, The Pink One's

And the White One's

And the other types of flowers

I also saw something disturbing for a sanctuary. FISHERMEN !!! How can they fish in a reserve meant for birds???

This is pretty disturbing

Anyways, hope to add the Photographs of the birds soon. So please do continue to visit.

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