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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Old Buildings In Kandy

Managed to get a few pics in route to Kandy - the historic Capital city of Sri Lanka. This time around, my eye was focused on 3 of the old buildings... some more than 200 years old. The first of such was the Lankathilaka Pilima geya ... Amazing architecture - More on Lankathilaka here ( http://www.srilankaview.com/lankatilaka_temple.htm )

Passing Lankathilaka and moving towards Peradeniya, you find this 200 year old Ambalama (Ambalama is a rest place for travelers of yester years. They used to have food and drink for free at these locations where long distance travelers would cool down after a long walk)  This particular Ambalama seem to be in good condition compared to some others I have seen in other areas...

Travelling from Kandy to Gampola, you come across this marvelous architecture visible from quite a distance..

More info Here 

You can also check out a video shot at the peak here or click below..