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Friday, March 22, 2013

Bible Rock or Batalegala Hike !

Over the weekend, a few of us managed to reach the top of the famous Bible Rock of Sri Lanka. Locally called Bathalegala (Bathalagala), is visible when driving along the common Kandy - Colombo road, Kadugannawa pass.

Click here for a picture of the view when traveling on Kandy Colombo Road !

The location is off Mawanalla, a city around 70 km away from Colombo.

The drive to the base of the rock is quite peaceful and serene. You pass the beautiful country side full of paddy field and natural scenery. (Please do click on images for a larger view)

The prominent landmark is visible from most areas along the road leading to it's base. 

 Though the immediate access is via a paved road, the trail becomes tougher as you begin the climb.

Following pic is not when we climbed half way through. 

The further you climb, the more difficult it becomes for a normal person. However, most areas do have stares made off rock.

and some areas, no stares. 

Still more to go.... But, the view is gorgeous. 

Climb - tougher !

Almost there !

North end from Top of the rock - the rock in front apparently is slipping away from the main rock !

Living on the edge !

Gorgeous views !

An idiot has made his mark !!

View of a temple from Way up above !

The entrance to the temple at the top of the rock !

Asu Pini Alla - a waterfall visible from the top of the rock - Apparently, the track to this waterfall is also quite a joy for hikers. 

The top of the rock is not quite as flat as it is seen from a distance. 

Glad that the forests are still preserved to a great extent in this area. 

The one and only shop for quite a distance during the climb 

Have a few more pics which I will post over time. Overall, it is a joyful hike filled with gorgeous scenery and wildlife (confined to birds, numerous varieties of butterflies and smaller - none harmful creatures. 

One needs to take a lot of water - 1 liter per head is  not enough as we found out. I recommend a minimum 2 ltrs. 

Please do not liter the area if you ever visit - it is very clean as of now and I sincerely hope it would remain so for our future generations.

The climb took us around 3 hours, mainly due to us not being the fittest of people and many stops for a few photo shoots. But, the 2.5 km hike is covered in 1 1/2 hours by pros and 30 mins by villagers :( !

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