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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Along Kandy Mahiyangana Road

Got an opportunity to take a ride down Kandy Mahiyangana road towards the dried up Victoria reservoir and dam. Never mind the dry weather, the area looked so gorgeous I was kicking myself that I was rushing back and did not have much time to work the shutters of my Camera. Anyways, here are some pf the pictures I managed to get when we stopped for a king coconut by the side of the road. I intend to visit the area by end of the month and hope to get some good pics of the area this time around.

I have never in my life seen the Victoria reservoir dried up this bad..... It is one terrible drought I guess. 

Colourful Nights

It would be funny to say that the previous night I was playing with my Balls, but, that is exactly what I did with this fancy set of balls that emits lights of different colours. I was experimenting on long shutter speed exposure. Though these photographs defy the idea of this blog post, which is to have nature related photography, thought of sharing on blog.