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Monday, September 13, 2010

These are the Creatures in your Neighborhood

Indeed sometimes we tend to get stuck with our 'Living in the City' mentality and tend to forget the little beauties of our surrounding areas. If we look around careful enough, we would see that the nature has indeed not lost it's beauty as we imagine it to be. It is these little things that makes it more beautiful. Or, is it that we are so used to seeing these small wonders that we tend to leave a blind eye to them ? But, Isn't it our duty to protect these beauties for the next generations to come ??

Let's Start with that Little one who saw daylight only a few hours ago.

The Joy of feeding the little fellow while the mom is out !!

The Lizard that run across the walls

And Changes the colour pretty often.

The Monkeys that visit your Coconut Trees !!

And try to steel your Coconut

And then try to escape

The colourful Kingfisher that rests in your Garden

And the wild Flowers that grow in your Garden !

Isn't it time we Start Appreciating the little beauties in our own neighborhood ??


  1. You seemed to be surrounded with good nature. The White-throated Kingfisher looks pretty.

  2. Thanks - As you know I adore your pics Gallicissa :) !