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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Buddhist Temple, Full Moon and Sun Set !

Managed to get a fare amount of pics over the past month and I have compiled a few here..... Enjoy !!

Visited the Samudrasanna Temple in Mt. Lavinia (Est. 1845 A.D.) recently on a Full Moon Poya Day and could not help capture the following pics. Only wish I had a better Camera to get better ones. So, please check on a few Google adverts that you think will be of help to you because it definitly helps me.

This is how the Bo Tree looked along side the Full Moon

The Full Moon over the Dagaba or Pagoda was So So Gorgeous !!

The Following day, I went to the Mt. Lavinia beach, just in time to capture the gorgeous sun set. The Sky was all read and there was the addition of a ship !!

Well, this was the sun set !!

And as always, my favourit picture of all times.... I will never get fed up of seeing this beautiful scenary from my rooftop. Click Here for the Sun Rise over this sacred mountain - the world renowned Adam's Peak !!!

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