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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A day at the National Museum !

 One of the oldest buildings in the country that was turned in to the National Museum. The building it self is around 200 years old and used by the then Governor of Sri Lanka - Gregory. Following are some of the pics taken inside - lot more to upload, but let's be satisfied with these for the moment.


A Step-in Stone carved on stone - around 2000 years old.

These type of Stone carvings were placed at the entrance of buildings - 2000 + Years.


Another Carving at entrance - 2000 + years.


 A stone carved statue of Bodhisatva I guess - around 1500 years old.


A beautiful Carving from Anuradhapura Era - 500 A.D. 

From Anuradhapura Era - 500 A.D. 

  When some others were doing there "jobs" in the jungles, The civilians of SL had decent stone carved toilets :) - 300 A.D.

 More carvings from various eras.

 Lord Buddha's Statue from Anuradhapura Era.

Awesome isn't it ??

  This stature is so clam and awesome - can stare at it till end of time. From Anuradhapura Era.

A golden statue of Alakeshwara - I have no idea who that is :) -  from Anuradhapura Era - one of the most famous statues in Sri Lanka. 

 Another golden statue of a Goddess or a Queen (Tharadevi?)of yesteryear's.

 Nataraj Statue - the Hindu influence from Polonnaruwa Era - 1000 A.D.


 An Ancient Sri Lankan House

One of the best attractions - a stone water filter. Amazing how water drips through solid rock. Anuradhapura era. 

 Swards used in battle - 1200 A.D.

 More recent Weapons - 1,500 A.D.

The Throne of the last King of Sri Lanka - Sri Wickrama Rajasinghe. Made of Gold with Gem Stone decors. 1800 A.D.


The Rickshaw of the first Prime Minister of Sri Lanka - D.S. Senanayake :) - 1950 !!

Let me process the balance photographs and upload.

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