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Friday, December 18, 2009

Closer to the Wide ocean

Beaches are quite calm and sexy.

In Hikkaduwa the Sunset could be so colourful at times. But this is on a day when it went all Blue.

The Mangroves in  Benthota is a wonder of the nature. It takes you to a totally different world

The Sea is full of gorgeous Coral Reefs. Sri Lanka is surrounded by thousands of such reefs. 

The gloomy sky as soon as the Sun sets could bring in some of the most gorgeous scenery.

Jelly Fish are some of the wonders of nature. You could find plenty of varieties world wide. But you could swim with the none toxic versions  of Jelly in the east coast of Sri Lanka

The Reefs in Sri Lanka is home to many Lion Fish. One of the commonly found variety in SL.

More variety in Sun Set - this time around, it is reddish.

Another commonly found type of Fish in the reefs of Sri Lanka.

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